You are invited to our wedding

Sergiu Paramanov

Nona Ilieva

Sergiu's parents

Grigore Paramanov & Maria Paramanov

Nona's parents

Iliyan Iliev & Valentina Koleva


Leonidas Karagiannis & Silviana Enache
Victor Tamasag & Carmen Tamasag

Sergiu's side

Sergiu likes chess and investments. In his daily life he is a stock market trader amongst hundreds or thousands of other activities that he runs on a daily basis as a true Master of multi-tasking. He is constantly on the look-out for new opportunities. He enjoys traveling and partying with his friends. When he is not working (almost never) he is drinking. He thinks that sleeping is for the dead, worst to worst for the wounded…after-party.

Sergiu & Nona
Nona's side

Nonny is a hell of an accountant, but only in mining (industry almost inexistent in Romania). Like every adventurous spirit, Nonny enjoys traveling and all sorts of outdoor activities like: hiking, camping, fishing and drinking wine under the moon. She strongly believes that water is only for washing.

Our story

How we met

This space is reserved for our Godmother, Silviana. She is responsible for all the “evil” in our lives. We met when Silviana invited Nona to come visit Bucharest. Silviana and Sergiu embarked on a trip to pick up Nonny from Bulgaria (Nonny hates driving). The Bucharest visit turned into a beautiful party by night, so our informal relationship started back then on a November day in 2016. Also due to our Godmother, Nonny is still working far away from Sergiu. Sergiu hopes that Canada will soon run out of resources. Until now we lived our lives differently: food, drinks, sleep, location. From now on we will be breathing as one, feeding ourselves with our love and drinking from the cup of life together….only the sleeping will be on a different time schedule… the rest will be the same.

The Ceremony
Kretzulescu Church
Dinner and dancing
Casa Vlăsia

Wedding theme

Folk costumes

Contest for the best wedding attire of guests. Anyway the bride is out of the contest, as she will be the most beautiful with the most glamorous attire. The traditional costumes are not mandatory but comfortable shoes are.

Confirmation of participation

We're looking forward to seeing you!

Address: Casa Vlăsia, Şoseaua Codrii Vlăsiei nr. 2, Snagov, Romania